How to get an access token


With this turtoriel, you will be able to find the access token to the Arcane API. First of all, you need a bot registered on our website, if you don't have a bot registered, here is the link to add one: Add a bot


Please read the introduction before starting the tutorial.

First, go to the profile page of the bot to which you want to use the API and click on the button to modify the information of your bot:

The profile page of a bot

When you arrive on the modification page of your bot, scroll down to the bottom, to the "Others" part, and you will find the access token of your bot in question.

Bot modification page

From now on, you have access to our full API and you will be able to post the statistics of the bot in question. To know how to use the API, here is another tutorial to teach you some information about the API: